Kate Cassidy: 5 Things To Know About The Influencer Who Once Dated Liam Payne

Kate Cassidy: 5 Things To Know About The Influencer Who Once Dated Liam Payne
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May 2023

Kate Cassidy is an influencer.She's been spotted out with Liam Payne on a few occasions.The social media influencer and Liam appeared on the red carpet at the 'All of Those Voices' premiere in Mar. 2023.In May 2023, the two reportedly broke up after a months-long relationship.

Liam Payne was first spotted out with his now ex-girlfriend Kate Cassidy for a date night in London in Nov. 2022, however, they have since reportedly parted ways. "Liam and Kate have broken up," a source close to the former love birds told US Weekly on May 10, 2023. Despite this, Kate and the "Night Changes" hitmaker have yet to confirm the news themselves.

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At the time of their Nov. 2022 date, the pair were both dressed to the nines for a lovely evening together. After being seen together that fall, it seemed like the couple was headed for a happily ever after. Before going out with Kate, Liam was in a long-term relationship with model Maya Henry. The exes were together from 2019 to June of 2021. Find out everything you need to know about Kate here!

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1. Kate Is A Social Media Influencer

Kate, 24, is a steadily rising Instagram influencer. She regularly shares beautiful looks on her page, and she has an amazing fashion sense. Even though she's still early in her career, Kate has garnered over 35K followers on her Instagram.

2. Liam & Kate Were First Spotted Together In 2022

While it's not clear exactly when Kate's romance with the "Strip That Down" singer, 29, began, the pair were first seen out together on Halloween. The influencer shared a photo of the pair dressed up as another famous couple for the holiday. Like Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, Kate and Liam dressed up as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, after the former couple was the subject of the miniseries Pam And Tommy.

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3. She Studied At Coastal Carolina University

Before moving to London, Kate was a student at South Carolina's Coastal Carolina University. While it's not clear exactly what she studied, she did share photos from her graduation in May 2021. She also indicated that she was in a sorority on her graduation stole. "Thank you for four amazing years, ccu later," she wrote in her Instagram caption.

Sources close to Kate revealed that she moved to London about two months ago, according to The Sun. They said she was raised in New Jersey. Even though she's American-born, she does have connections to the UK, because her dad is reportedly British.

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4. She's Involved In London Nightlife

While it seems like the pair's relationship is still early on, sources close to the pair told The Sun that they're having a great time getting to know each other. "They are mad about each other," they said. "Kate is a wild girl so Liam is definitely in for a fun ride. She is always out in nightclubs and seems to be loving London."

5. She Loves To Travel

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Besides her recent move to London, Kate seems to have a love of seeing different places. She chronicles a bunch of different places that she's traveled to both stateside and in Europe in her Instagram Highlights. Since her move to Europe, she shared videos and photos from a trip to Rome. She also has clips shared from her time in South Carolina, trips to New York, and Las Vegas.